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baggage. >> whoa. i maxed out my ex's credit card for revenge. so what are your concerns about that? >> well, i just -- i think that it's, you know, wrong to, you know, steal money from a partner in any form or fashion. >> yeah, what's the explanation for that? >> i dated someone who would break everything down to the .007 cent of everything, including dinners and this and that. so when we broke up, i had drinks with the girls and bought a couple pairs of shoes and felt a little bit better. >> okay. can you accept kimberly's baggage? >> well, kimberly, i can accept
11:31 am
that. >> whoa. congratulations, nathan and kimberly. you'll enjoy a luxurious wine tasting adventure to the vineyards of santa barbara. we'll see you next time. >> now that we got our baggage out of the way, we need to get you potty trained. >> i think i'm going to keep my wallet close by.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. in less than two hours friends and family will gather at a north bay cemetery to pay final respects to a 13-year-old murder victim. janell conway's body was found in a fairfield park february 1. the man accused of killing her was in court this morning. amy hollyfield is live with that
11:33 am
news. >> she will be buried at the top of the hill this afternoon. the funeral director says they are expecting so many people they worried parking could be a problem. her death has touched so many people and that was evident this morning in the courtroom. >> this has had a really negative impact. >> eric found the body of the 13-year-old. he was in court while accused killer entered a plea of not guilty. the 32-year-old anthony lamar jones is charged with kidnapping, lewd acts with a child, rape, and murder. >> it is important for me to show up first for the family so they know there are people out there that care. >> kevin used to talk to jones at the barber shop. >> i never met the girl but it is the community. you want to feel safe and you want to understand.
11:34 am
>> she was in this spot in fairfield park is still covered with stuffed animals and through worries. eric now wear as bracelet with her name engraved. >> all the thoughts going through my mind, like, what tearer she felt before being killed. she probably knew she would die and to think she was 13. >> the community will have a public funeral with a couple hundred people expected. eric says he plans to be at every court hearing he doesn't think he can handle the funeral. >> i would like to but i think it would do me more harm than good. >> the funeral is schedud for 1:00 o'clock this afternoon at the benicia city cemetery and it is open to the public. reporting live from benicia for abc7 news. >> new this morning, south san
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francisco police are looking for a man who assault add 19-year-old exchange student from japan near the bart station at 5:45 yesterday afternoon. the victim got east rain and grabbed on the arm by a man in his 30's. she break free and ran away. the victim was not hurt. the suspect is described as hispanic or asian at 5' 7" with medium build. >> the santa clara man under arrest for making threats against state senator yee will be in court for a hearing. the 45-year-old everett basham faces ten felony counts and two misdemeanors. he is accused of e-mailing a death threat to senator yee because of efforts to tighten gun control laws. authorities found three assault weapons and explosives during a search of his house last week. they say everett basham was building home-made bombs. >> the shooter whose caused a deadly scene on the las vegas strip are still loose.
11:36 am
police are searching for the distinctive s.u.v. right now. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom with the latest. >> investigators if las vegas think a previous altercation at a hotel prompted the deadly attack. they are still searching for the shooter's black range rover with dark tinted windows and dark rims and they are working with authorities in three neighboring states. authorities are zeroing in on how this started. it is too clear how it ended. >> three deaths. three. at least three more injured. at 4:30 this morning at an intersection surrounded by the most famous casinos, gun shots were fired. >> there were a couple of seconds after the first shot, then i heard a series of shots.
11:37 am
>> the mazurati crashed after being fired upon crashed into a taxi. >> the taxi caught on fire and exploded and we have two additional people dead in the taxicab. i also have beside the taxicab, three other vehicles that were struck. >> a witness who did thought want to show his face heard the explosion and rushed to the scene. >> i ran over to help the dude in the mazurati and tried to give him cpr but he was breathing but the ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >>the mazurati driver, the tax driver and a passenger in the cab were killed. six people were injured one a passenger in the mazurati who was shot. the intersection was expected to be closed for several hours today. no word if it has re-opened. >> law enforcement officials throughout southern california are honoring one of their own this morning. the funeral row -- procession
11:38 am
for the 15 year sheriff veteran and father of two was skilled in a shoot out last week with fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner whose body was found in the burned cabin in the san bernardino mountains after a stand off. he is accuses of killing four people including two officers in a murder spree and manhunt that lasted more than a week. >> in the next hour seven former employers of a san francisco pastry shop get 500,000 if back pay. the city found the company paid the workers less than $4 an hour for years, less than half of the city's current minimum wage of $10.55, putting in 60 hour weeks and at least one of the employees had to work as a live in maid for the pastry owner. they will split $525,000 in settlement money. the city attorney of san francisco called the wage theft the large effort in city
11:39 am
history. >> right now preparations are underway for a rally at city college of san francisco over the budget crisis. a coalition of students, teachers and other faculties are coming together to urge the board to include them in discussions on the budget crisis facing city college. right now, san francisco city college is at risk of losing their accreditation, state funding, and, possibly, closing if the board does not fix their money problems and other issues by march 15. >> still ahead, a bombshell revelation in the oscar pistorius bail hearing, why tension has shifted toward the lead investigator on the case. >> also, strong reaction to major league baseball's moving guidelines for the oakland a's.
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>> new developments from south africa with the spotlight in the oscar pistorius case shifted from the champion to the lead police detective. hilton botha is now off the case after it was revealed he is facing his own charges, seven counts of attempted murder for shooting at a my you have van in 2011. a new lead detective will investigate the shooting death of oscar pistorius' girlfriend and as for the track store? he will spend another night in jail. the bail hearing continues
11:43 am
tomorrow, a major sponsor, nike, is terminating their contract with oscar pistorius. >> four executives of food company are under indictment for obstructing justice in the 2009 peanut salmonella outbreak that killed nine people. the president, vice president, and two others who worked for virginia-based peanut corporation of america, face charges that include conspiracy and wire fraud. the prosecution says filthy conditions at a processing plant in georgia caused the deadly outbreak that sickened hundreds of others. charges were handed down by a federal grand jury in atlanta. >> developing news in major leak baseball concerning the oakland a's. the commissioner is releasing guidelines for them to possibly hoof to san jose. we are getting news on this. >> the guidelines could be a road map for future move for the a's but it could be a road full of potholes.
11:44 am
the a's may not be ready to pack their bags yet but there is an indication they could be a step closer to a move to san jose. sources say baseball commissioner has provided the a's with tentative guidelines, a blue point for a potential move to the south bay. >> any activity from the commissioner's office is good, we been trying to get the commissioner to make a decision but it has taken a long-term so to there is any movement that is a good sign. >> the mayor is waiting for details about what the guidelines are, but it is no secret major league baseball has concerned about territorial rights to san francisco giants hold in the san jose area, still opposing the move. some bail fans say the san jose a's have a nice rain. >> oakland a's sound good but why not have them in san jose. >> but the team, some say, needs to stay where they are. >> it should stay in oakland. they have been there for many
11:45 am
years. oakland raiders and they will, step come back. >> this used to be a sausage laboratory but the a's are committed to building a $500 million ball pack on this very site two blocks from the shark tank. >> they will spend $500 million and generate tax revenue for us so i am positive on it and the people are supportive. we ready to go but major league baseball works in mysterious ways. >> no comment from the a's, though comment from the giants today, and business leaders oppose the move and want to know how a downtown san jose stadium would be funded and wants it know how territorial rights for the giants could be resolved, a complicated issue which could wind up in court. live in san jose. >> a winter storm is pounding the midwest with snow and ice. this is snow fall captured in wichita, kansas, lightning, thunder, and heavy snow all made
11:46 am
for very difficult only, the storm will move north bringing unsettled weather to chicago later tonight. if you are planning to fly to the midwest any time today or tomorrow, check with your carrier, airlines are already canceling flights. >> you can see why and realize how lucky we are to live here. >> my husband lives in st. louis, so he calls me and wants to get in the family business, he is nine and he wants us. he didn't do his homework because i said you will have a snow day. so he has a snow day. so now a look at what is going on, no snow days here but i have an update on the chance of rain here which is dwindling but there is snow in the weekend forecast. well touch upon that in the forecast. >> conflicting new research about your morning couple of joe, will it or not prevent life threatening
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring. get the poulan blower vac for just $79 at lowe's today. >> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning we have mixed messages from the medical community about the health benefits of coffee and tea. a study questions existing research that shows drinking a cup of coffee can prevent de dedementia and stroke. a new study contradicts previous
11:50 am
studies. >> americans are eating less fast food. a new study revealed adults get more than 11 percent of their calories on average from fast food higher than recommended but it is down from the nearly 13 percent reported a few years ago. seniors get about 6 percent of their daily calories from burgers and fries and african american adult were found to eat the most at more than a fifth of the daily intack from fast food. >> i would hide one of the shakes from self reporting. >> i didn't know people ate that much fast food today. better do it tonight because you will have school tomorrow. they are plowing now. our stage manager, joey, wants to mention that.
11:51 am
and now, what is going on right now, we are looking at a beautiful picture and you can see it is just absolutely clear here and now, live doppler 7 hd shows how dry and clear our air is right now and it will be for the better part of today. the difference is breezy and these are reporting stations which tend to be in the valley, and you think ten miles per hour not a big deal but 12 in santa rosa but a couple of miles up it is twice that fast. from mount tamalpais the camera was shake and you can see the trees shaking toward san francisco where it is 51 and oakland is 53 and san jose 50. walnut creek is 54 and palo alto 54 and mill valley is 59. in san jose we are awash in sunshine, santa rosa is 55 and napa is 52 and fair at 50, los gatos 51 and gilroy and concord is the cool spot at 49.
11:52 am
today, it will mostly sunny and breezy with temperatures below average. for the weekend it will be brightest and warmest on sunday, if you have plans that is the best day and through the next seven days it looks to be dry and beautiful from emeryville toward san francisco, our back drop showing how you temperatures are 1 degrees to four degrees cooler-than-average today. so, what is the reason? we still have a northwestern flow bringing the cool air in and the low that passed by this morning with the clouds, it is gone, and we will just have high pressure steering the storm to the north with the clock-wise motion. temperatures today in the south by at 51 if san jose and everyone else at 60 in santa clara valley and santa cruz at 6 3. the mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and into downtown and south san francisco. sausalito today at 59 and throw mid-60's through the north bay
11:53 am
and over to hayward, union city, castro valley, and fremont, we will be in the upper 50's and everyone else is around 60 long the east bay shore and san ramon 57 and everyone else in the east bay the low 60's. new, the snow and the rain over for the most part from this morning's storm but tahoe has a chance of more snow saturday so you can get up there tomorrow and saturday you have the fresh powder. you could not ask for a better weekend with scattered showers around the higher elevation of san diego and los angeles in the cities at 60 to 65. back home tonight, we have middle-to-upper 30's and frost is less likely the now, the next seven days we will be sunny and temperatures are a lot like today but not so breezy and next system comes through on saturday and that brings snow or an
11:54 am
increase of clouds and decreasing clouds on sunday and more snow on monday in the sierra. we will have the same thing, again, on wednesday, snow in the sierra, and we are left with nothing. again. looking so much better for the skiers. >> love that new powder. >> oscar producers are revealing more details about the ceremony. the hoist is teaming up with an actress for a special closing musical performance that will happen after the best picture award. the producers say it will be a "can't miss" moment. coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can see the stars arrive at 4:00 with oscar coverage live and the big show begins at 5:30. following the oscars we have a re-cap of the biggest moments and the path to the after parties with otrc and jimmy
11:55 am
kimmel's special is at 10 and abc7 news at 11 next. you can countdown to the big night with our official oscars yap, the bag stage pass feature with a dozen cameras streaming video behind-the-scenes and from the red carpet. you can get the out cars experience by downloading our oscars app and there is no one better to recover that. there is a tribute remembering lives of those who are lost in the war. find out more in iraq. >> we will show you what some artists drew up to honor falling united states troops. >> today on "katie" prepare to be greeced out because we are revealing some of the dirty secrets of restaurants, hotels, beauty salons before copd...
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>> restaurant secrets that may gross you out and, then, on abc7 news at four the cause that has first lady and big bird teaming up. at 5:00, thousands of california teachers are missing and it could be hurting your child's education. >> finally, this morning, a temporary tribute to on the lives lost during the iraq war is stirring emotions in the pacific northwest. members of the iraq names
11:59 am
project enscribe the names of 4,498 people who died during combat throughout portland, oregon, using chalk. it stretches 12.5 miles through the city with dozens are artists scrawling the names in the pavement. >> what a lovely gift. that display will last as long as the weather permits. amazing project, and amazing tribute. >> it is raining there now. they can always do it again. >> we do not get rain dead? >> no and not in the immediate future. snow next week in tahoe. thanks for

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